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Blade Repair Service



We offer a range of industry leading blade inspection and repair technologies. Our technicians are highly trained and have all the relevant blade repair training currently available completed. Each repair is documented step-by-step for quality control purposes. Maximizing return on investment begins before purchase and extends throughout the life cycle of the blad’

Wind turbine blades are designed to last 20 years. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance many blades won’t last that long. Alongside gearboxes and bearings, blades are a wear component. The blades of a wind turbine need to fulfil several principals from being aerodynamic to structurally sound. Wind turbine blades can be damaged or degraded by several factors. Over time lightning strikes and ice lead to serious damage and reduction in productivity. To keep them turning and producing at their optimum output they need to be inspected and maintained regularly by trained & qualified composite blade technicians.

Our services include:

  • Blade Inspections
  • Blade Repair
  • Blade Cleaning
  • Tower Cleaning
  • Screening and Evaluation
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